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Karak Norn, 75 years ago…

The ground rumbles, cracks snake up the cavern walls sending pillars of barren stone thudding to the ground, shattering in waves of rock and dust. A voice carries on the shock waves; a feline face chanting in shadow and raising crooked hands. Beneath his feet, a circle carved in the stone floor glows brightly, the light bouncing off the clouds of dust dislodged from the cavern walls. The runes in the circle radiate with eldritch power, and begin to sink, stamping down into the floor under cascades of thrown pebbles. There is another crack, and an arch of yellow light appears at the back of the cavern; six figures, dressed in white, outlined in the glow.
“Defiler! We will destroy you!”

The rakshasa turns and snarls, throwing his fists wide as a mass of shadow emerges from the circle and envelopes his body.

“Mortal fools!.You have doomed us all”

The circle of stone breaks…. darkness fills the cavern…

Brionne, Present Day…

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